Customized Alaska Activities

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Here's where you can mix and match from a variety of packages and add-ons to begin custom itinerary planning for your own vacation. Though our personal touch is needed to finalize all the details (such as travel between the towns selected), this interactive program puts you in the driver seat to begin creating your own itinerary.

Select from the destinations you desire, add optional tours, fill in your personal information on the booking form and you’re on your way to Alaska.

We’ll refine, add the transportation between areas and contact you with an updated itinerary and any pricing variations, balance due dates and more. Want something different? Just go to the “Custom Tour Request” and fill in the form with notations of what you would like. Here are a few points to remember –

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First – About your vacation - it’s ok to click and add to your vacation in any order – we will make sure everything is set in logical travel order. In general, that would mean travel around Alaska in a continuous direction – ie if you start with Ketchikan, stay in the same area of Alaska until you’ve seen all you want to in that region, then proceed northbound and if you start in Fairbanks, travel around the Interior and Far North until you’ve seen all you desire there and proceed southbound. Check out our map of Alaska to help keep you on track!

Second – About the pricing - Rates in these modules are all subject to individual company prices and we’ve priced them on the high end of each category so your final price may actually be slightly less. Also, they are based on peak season June – August. If you are planning travel during May and Sept. rates will be lower. Also, if you are a member of AARP or AAA please advise in your booking form as this may help rates if your preference is for hotels that have specials for AARP or AAA. Your final price will be verified with you and will include travel between cities within Alaska.

Third - If it's close to what you want but just needs minor changes, you can even fill that out and request the modifications in the “comments” section toward the end of the booking form. We will get back to you with the modified itinerary.

Click away and begin your Alaska vacation with our help!

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