Discovery Voyages

Professionally-guided,  small-ship cruises in Alaska's Prince William Sound 

2020 Discovery Voyages

Discovery Voyages, based near Anchorage, Alaska, offers professionally-guided, small-ship cruises in Alaska's Prince William Sound featuring photography, whale watching, birding, hiking & kayaking, as well as land & sea adventures and custom vacations, perfect for family trips, weddings and reunions. Far from the crowds of conventional high-volume tourism, our personal approach offers a genuine and intimate encounter with Alaska. It's an eco-friendly way to explore Alaska's gorgeous and diverse marine environment. Because of its small size, our 65-foot historic yacht can sail into quiet coves and navigate ice-bound channels that larger boats must avoid, letting Discovery passengers get an up close and personal view of glaciers and wildlife that is simply not possible on a larger cruise ship.

Captain Dean has been running these tours in Prince William Sound since 1992 aboard the M/V Discovery which is a 65-foot former Presbyterian Church Missions vessel.

Discovery Voyages

Classic Voyage

3 Day Itinerary, 5 Day Itinerary, 6 Day Itinerary

The Classic Discovery Voyage samples the natural wonders of Prince William Sound. Years of travel and exploration in the Sound have resulted in a destination list of must-see places. These small ship cruises may be 5-7 days, based on the specific itinerary.

Discovery Hike & Kayak Voyage

Hike & Kayak Voyage

5  or 6 Day Itinerary

For those seeking a more interactive experience with Alaska’s natural world, the “Hike & Kayak Voyage” is similar to the “Classic Voyage” but incorporates longer hikes and more extensive sea kayak excursions, all guided by the qualified Discovery staff..

Discovery Photo Voyage

Classic Photo Voyage

5 Day Itinerary

Our photography tours are designed specifically for the photographer who always wants to linger a little longer than the rest of the group. Days activities focus on photographing in Prince William Sound's magical fjordland!

Discovery Voyages

Grand Alaska Journey

9 Day Itinerary 12 Day Itinerary

The Grand Alaska Voyage, guided by naturalist and photographer Hugh Rose, includes the best of Alaska's scenery and wildlife. The journey begins in Anchorage and the nearby world-famous Prince William Sound on a five day voyage aboard the M/V Discovery.

Grand Alaska Voyage

Discovery Voyage

3 Day Itinerary 

Sample the natural wonders of northwestern Prince William Sound.... Cruise Barry Arm, with it's massive tidewater glaciers. Explore the serene waters of Eaglek Bay and the spectacular Cascade Falls. Watch the antics of sea otters and Dall porpoises and keep an eye out for whales.

Discovery Spring Wildlife and Photo Voyage

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