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Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic 2022-2023

Lindblad National Geographic
A Remarkable Journey

15 day cruise

Lindblad Cruises Alaskas Coastal Wilderness
Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness

8 day cruise

National Geographic Treasurers of the Inside Passage
Treasures Of
The Inside Passage

14 day cruise

Voyage to Great Bear Rainforest
Voyage to Great Bear Rainforest

8 day cruise

Lindblad Wild Alaska Escape
Wild Alaska

Juneau/Ketchikan 6 day cruise

Lindblad Wild Alaska Escape
Wild Alaska

Sitka/Juneau 6 day cruise

Lindblad Special Expeditions offers three ships in Alaska, the Sea Bird and the Sea Lion plus the brand new National Geographic Quest! They tout a "flexible approach to exploring Alaska" by bringing you up close to interesting places, and allowing time with their flexible schedule, making the experience more meaningful for you. They offer superbly outfitted expedition ships, the 62-guest Sea Bird or Sea Lion, which let them navigate remote bays and fjords where we are the only visitors to an unspoiled wilderness.

National Geographic Quest is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built expedition vessel made for exploring coastal waters, shallow coves, and fast-moving channels where wildlife congregate while sailing with the luxury of supreme comfort. Spacious cabins, open decks for wildlife viewing, and specialty tools for exploration make it the ideal platform for sailing in the remote areas of Alaska.

Designed with decades of expedition experience in the region, National Geographic Quest more than comfortably accommodates 100 guests in 50 cabins. The twin expedition craft landing platform allow them to rapidly get on and off the ship to take advantage of wildlife sightings and to ensure you maximize your time off the ship exploring. Created with a shallow draft, Quest draws only nine feet of water allowing her to sail into places where much larger ships cannot go.

All three ships carry a fleet of one-and two-person kayaks that allow you to explore intimate bays and paddle along scenic shorelines. Their naturalists will help novices with technique, while experts have the opportunity to explore further afield.

Also key is the fleet of expedition landing craft, used to land in places that would otherwise be inaccessible. With several of these boats available they're able to transfer everyone off the ship quickly. Another feature is the Hydrophone Hear the vocalizations of whales swimming beneath when your naturalist lowers a hydrophone overboard while exploring Alaska The sounds are played over the ship’s loudspeaker so everyone can hear the songs of whales while we watch them feed, fluke, and dive near our ship.

An Underwater camera, Bow Cam and Splash Cam shoots videos and stills,offering a glimpse of places few people get to explore.

They follow a flexible itinerary, which they adapt as opportunities arise. For instance, they might make a 180-degree course change to watch breaching humpback whales, or linger on a remote beach to enjoy the glow on snowcapped peaks high above. Most important, their expeditions are led by expert naturalists and other experts who offer unmatched knowledge of the region and its wildlife. They return year after year to share their enthusiasm with Lindblad Expeditions guests, through formal and informal talks and slide shows. 

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Deck Plans:
Venture Holds 100 guests
Quest Holds 90 guests
Sea Bird Holds 62 guests
Sea Lion Holds 62 guests

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