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8/30/2018 via email:
Hi Marjy, Thank you for your kind wishes and for the photo. Thank you also for the fabulous job you did organising our trip. Everything went smoothly and we had such a great time. Your accommodation choices were excellent. Loved the bears, loved the sledding, Denali was great, (saw more bears but feel a bit cheated on the moose which were obviously hiding from us) and Coldfoot was an absolute hoot. We didn't get to see the aurora, there were too many clouds, but we had a fun time there . The locals are such characters, and as there were hardly any other guests, we feel we got to know a few of them. Have you ever been up there? There's absolutely nothing there except the roadhouse, the inn and the Visitors Centre. I don't think I could spend a week there, but the 2 days we did have there were so much fun. It is sooooo different to anything in Australia, although the remoteness is familiar and the feeling of being at the frontier. We did a trip to central Australia earlier this year, and while the climate is completely different there some things that felt the same. It's remote too. Interestingly, we heard the same story often in both places; " I came for a holiday and just couldn't leave". People are so amazing aren't they. It's a good thing we are all different and like different things. We are currently in Victoria on Vancouver Island after 4 relaxing days in Vancouver. Tomorrow we head off to Whistler and then work our way towards Calgary over 13 days. Then it's off to Monument Valley in Arizona, then home. Thank you again for all your detailed planning……Hoping to see you in Oz one day. Kind regards

8/29/2018 via email:
Marjy…The trip was great, C enjoyed the fishing and I loved photographing the bears. Here is a photo of us arriving at Pack Creek…
Tom Hausler

Pack Creek, Alaska

8/27/2018 via email:
It was the best trip ever! We had a grand time and saw everything we wanted to see (except a wolf, big deal). A few unexpected treasures were Sitka—loved everything about the town, and raptor center and heritage parks were wonderful...the absolute best beer-battered halibut in Juneau at SandBar and Grill...watching the urban salmon fishing on Ships Creek behind our hotel in Anchorage. Denali was no disappointment, and it is truly impossible to describe how vast the park is and how huge the actual mountain. The Roadhouse is kind of like a throwback to the fifties, which we loved, and the staff was exceptionally attuned to providing excellent customer service. The Island Spirit cruise was tailor made for us, again a sort of throwback to earlier times...comfortable but not fancy...excellent staff, who bent over backwards to make sure that guests received the maximum enjoyment each day. Kayaking and wildlife sightings we had expected to enjoy, but 22 miles of Orca interactions and dramatic bubble net feedIng by humpback whales were a total surprise. And a 6 a.m. kayak outing at Takrat bay let us enjoy many eagles flying about the area in the early morning quiet. Our new traveling friends made both parts of our trip even more wonderful, and sharing photos gave us all nice memories. Our friends are no longer thinking about RV rentals, so you may hear from them. Another couple have also been given your contact information. Plus a couple more who won’t be traveling quite so soon. I can’t thank you enough!

8/17/2018 via email:
A note from guests in the middle of their Alaska trip!:
The flight was amazing!!! And we loved loved loved Kantishna Roadhouse - thank you so much for all your fabulous recommendations. Everything has been perfect. A long day and about to hit the hay - flight to Petersburg going earlier and we are checked in and organised for that. The train was great - the best!!!
Marjy, thank you for arranging our holiday it was grand thanks to you. Not a hitch, anywhere and great seats on the trains. So Thanks Again
From B&B

alaska vacation

8/15/2018 via email:
We have taken trips two summers in a row arranged by Marjy, not your simple fly, cruise and go home trips, but multi-week trips with extensive transfers and lots of planning. Our first summer we asked lots of questions and sent lots of inquiring emails, this trip we knew right away that Marjy had everything planned perfectly, so we just said…Book It”!!! We had asked for some smaller lodges away from the crowds and enjoyed Brooks Lodge, Katmai, Kenai Fjords Glacier and Backcountry Lodges, Susitna River Lodge and North Face Lodge, Denali, all of which were exceptional in every way. We left a comment in a guestbook at a B&B Marjy booked for us………”We felt so at home we almost answered the phone when it rang”!! Marjy is simply the best and we have dealt with many travel professionals over the years.

Alaska vacation
Alaska vacation
Stikine River Alaska vacation

7/30/2018 via email:
Our trip was perfect, we wouldn’t have changed a thing! The weather was exceptional, it only rained twice for a little over an hour each time and didn’t change our plans at all. We saw Denali on a super clear day! It was spectacular! Our other high point was seeing orcas four times, each for a long time right around the boat. The Uncruise was just what we were hoping allowing us to be embedded in the Alaska wilderness, we wouldn’t have like any of the large cruise ships for sure. Thank you for working with me to make it a trip of a lifetime. Your expertise allowed us to make the trip special and just to our taste. You were a great find! Thank you!

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7/30/2018 via email:
Marjy. WE wanted to let you know how our trip was everything we had hoped for and more. Thank you so much for all of your outstanding efforts to make this happen for us. I have and will continue to recomend you and Alaskan Dream Cruises to any one who expresses an interest in going north. Thank you again.

7/27/2018 via email:
Marjy! I cannot express how much we appreciated you and your suggestions on things to do and visit. It was an "AAAAAH" vacation, meaning words could not express some of the sites other than look and aah before the next thing came along. After the plane ride from Skagway to Juneau we all 4 got off the plane and could not speak in that we where lost for words to explain the experience that we just saw. As we got in the plane the the pilot ask if we where in an hurry and would like to do some site seeing. You know our response- there was one local on the plane, he did not say-a-word went right along with us (greatly appreciate that gentlemen patience). AMAZING sites. Then we took an helicopter ride up to some glacier on Denali landing at "Sheldon Chalet" cabin. Again breath taking views, from watching the planes land below us on Sheldon's Amphitheater that look like little ants from far above to flying over the tops/peaks of which they looked to be at arms length away. It was all excellent. I do have one complaint. That is, it had to come to an end and return back to reality. Thank you so much! As words can not express the appreciation. Pictures some many to go thru!!! OMG

7/27/2018 via email:
Hi Marjy! Thanks so much for the welcome home email. Very sweet! So glad we got to meet you I Wrangell. That was an extra special treat! Our vacation in Alaska was just perfect! Could not have asked for a better time. Even the snafu with the Juneau hotel just added another story about our journey!! It definitely was a trip of a lifetime. Alaska is just beautiful. We now understand why people go there to visit and then never leave. Thank you for helping to make this trip so special!! Happy early birthday!! Let us know what your mom thinks of the honey rye!!  Enjoy!! Take care,

7/24/2018 via email:
It was great seeing you too, Marjy. We had a truly wonderful time and are so glad to have been on the Seabourn Sojourn. Thanks for steering us in the right direction. None of the pictures and video we'd seen of Alaska prior to our trip did it justice. It's quite simply the most beautiful natural environment in the world and unique in its vastness. Thank you so much for all your help. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends who may be interested in an Alaskan experience.
D & S B

7/22/2018 via email:
We had an unforgettable trip! We are filled to the brim after experiencing unforgettable scenery, witnessing beautiful wildlife, eating waaayyyy too much and having an altogether fantastic and memorable family vacation! Thank you for all your expertise and help setting it all up!
JN and family

An unforgettable trip

7/19/2018 via email:
Marjy - we had a wonderful time! The boat was clean and the guides great and unremittingly friendly and full of information. The boat was small but cozy and nice - people who had just been on tour with both Uncruise and and Lindblad said Uncruise was better! Saw giant iceberg sculptures I loved. And After few sitings of or animals in general we ran across a playground of whales. Attaching pix. Saw giant sculptures of icebergs, which were brreathtaking. The glaciers were smaller than I thought, but dazzling in their beauty. I'm going to paint them. took lots of pix, a couple of them I've attached.Thanks so much for all your help! Hope one day we will meet! All best

7/14/2018 via email:
My nephew and I had a wonderful trip thanks to all your hard work and attention to detail. We had unbelievably good weather (although a little hot at times). We saw Denali quite clearly. Gorgeous weather for kayaking and both of the flight seeing trips. Wonderful hosts at all of the B&B's. Loved Northface and Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. During the day the only time it rained was on the 9th, the day I left. Favorite restaurants were the Channel Club in Sitka, Seven Glaciers in Girdwood and the Little Mermaid in Homer. Thanks again for all your help!

7/09/2018 via email:
Marjy, Just wanted to thank you again. Absolutely no problems encountered, the larger room was amazing. Our granddaughter loved the fun factory on the ship which was a pleasant surprise, the Tundra tour (saw 10 grizzlys) and the Musk ox farm. At the Healy cabin had a moose and calf at our picture window, awesome. Talketna cabin was smack dab in middle of town, never moved car, walked everywhere. Thanks again

7/03/2018 via email:
Just wanted to drop a note to say we are home. We could not have had a better time. The weather was perfect as it was dry and unseasonably warm. The cruise (Alaska Dream) was as close to perfect as one could get and we could not have been happier with the room selection (room 202 verses 300 or 400 which opened to the outside and anyone walking by could look in the window.)  We lucked out with the glacier activity and whale watching as we were told they were both more active than normally seen on a cruise. This is truly an unforgettable vacation and we can see why many get the Alaskan bug, travel there on a vacation, and never go home. However, there is something a little weird about waking up at 3am to bright sunshine. Thanks so much for all your help.

Then I got the following from the other half of this great couple:

We do have one or two pics of us together and as soon as we get them all sorted out we’ll send you one. It’s pics were of the breathtaking scenery all around us. Just to add my two cents, the Alaskan Dream cruise exceeded expectations in every way. The naturalist and the culture guide were awesome; J spent lots of time on the bridge where everyone was welcome. Just on and on fantastic. Thank you for helping us with everything; without you we would have stumbled and made a few mistakes. You’re the best!
JE and JC

6/22/2018 via email:
Hi! Yes, it was the trip of a lifetime! We saw so many things and did so much, I really don’t know where to begin. Probably, the most amazing thing I saw was a brown bear swimming from one island to another. The captain stopped the boat, and the bear swam (very close, I might add) right in front of the ship. We stayed in that spot (something I gather that large cruise ships never do) for at least half an hour watching. With only 53 passengers on the boat, we got to know everybody (no kidding) as well as all the crew. The crew was superb, and the meals out of this world. I especially enjoyed the daily happy hour when we all gathered in the lounge of drinks and to socialize. Great fun! Everything was great, except for maybe 1 thing. At the end of the cruise, the person in the hospitality room in Juneau seemed not to have a clue about what she was doing or what we needed to do— very frustrating! I would definitely recommend Alaskan Dream Cruses to anyone wanting to take a unique journey. I’d do it again!

Our Alaska cruise

6/22/2018 via email:
Hi Marjy,
Thanks for taking the time to come down to the Wrangell docks to see us – glad to finally meet you in person! Also thanks for the photo of all of us together for the scrapbook. Although I have hundreds of pictures from the UnCruise trip, I attached one of our family group in a skiff with a Le Conte glacier iceberg in the background so you can remember what 3 cold, but happy Floridians look like in the future. I wore a ballcap from Florida with a snook embroidered on it (2nd photo) which resulted meeting several people from Florida. While at the salmon hatchery in Juneau, we met 2 couples who recognized the snook and they asked where we were from. Turns out 1 couple was from Jupiter (~15 miles south of Stuart) and the other couple was from Palm Beach Gardens (~30 miles south of Stuart). They also were on an UnCruise, but Glacier Bay (I think) so not with us. Although we exchanged first names and promised to get together back in Florida to swap stories, we didn’t get last names, so I don’t have any idea how to contact them. We asked the UnCruise staff in Juneau for help by giving them our contact info, but they were not successful! Onboard the WILDERNESS EXPLORER, one of the deck hands, Ben-Ben, recognized the snook and told us he was from Port St Lucie, ~10 miles from Stuart – truly a small world! Finally in Ketchikan, we stopped into a shop near the Discovery Center and the owner asked where we were from as I “looked familiar”. After some discussion, turns out he also was from Florida and lived in Islamorada in the Keys. Our son has several close friends from Islamorada and the owner knew them all. His family owned an “artist studio/store facility” in Islamorada which we had visited several times. Turns out the Islamorada facility is called the Rain Barrel and the Ketchikan store is the Rain Barrel Alaska. So ultimately, we had to go to Alaska for a great trip and to meet several people who were almost neighbors! Thanks again for all your help coordinating our wonderful Alaska vacation and UnCruise adventure!!
G, S, and B.

Our Alaska visit

06/19/2018 via email:
Hi, Marjy. It was a good trip, (Viking River Cruises - Lyon and Provence) one we both would recommend. The food was excellent, as was the top-drawer service. In hindsight, I think we did too many extra excursions and got a little worn out. Better, all things considered, to go with the included tours and take the afternoon to do some individual exploring of the cities. The tour groups move a little too fast to do more than get a taste of the sights….understandably. This particular trip had less day cruising it seemed and more dock time. Lots of ancient Roman history and, of course, wine. All of it was good. The extended time in the DeGaulle made for very long days coming and going (over 24 hours both directions), but that airport is still the most convoluted European airport I’ve visited. Lots of walking required, old-style security. We had a flight delay from Marseille to Paris and would have been hard-pressed to make the short connections. So, it turned out to be the better choice. Thanks for your help in setting it up. Have a good summer.

06/16/2018 via email:
You did a wonderful job helping to plan our Alaskan vacation, Marji. Thank you so much. Thank you too for taking the time to meet us is in Wrangle. it was great to finally meet you in person. I hope we have the chance to plan another dream vacation with you!
S. D.

06/14/2018 via email:
Marjy, It was wonderful and everything every step of the way went smooth! The cruise (Un Cruise) was a lot of fun and we were able to see Denali every day when we were in the park. It really wasn't too cold for us. Thanks for all of your excellent recommendations and coordination. It was perfect. I will recommend you to anyone that asks! I am sending this message from my phone and for some reason I can't attach photos. Will try texting some or send via computer when I get home.

06/01/18 via email:

Hi Marjy,
We completed our trip at Juneau yesterday and I must say that it has been one of our best vacations so far. Everything worked perfectly with no problems anywhere. At all the places of stay our bookings were perfect and the cabins/hotels were great! I really liked the cabins at different places and I would highly recommend a stay in the cabins as against staying in the hotels. In addition to all the cabins and lodges, the Juneau hotel was also very nice. In Anchorage, the Coast International Inn was fine while Guesthouse inn was about average, on expected lines.
Our bookings at all national parks were perfect – we were lucky to get great weather almost everywhere (except at Talkeetna) and see a lot of glaciers, scenery and wild life. Towards the second week, we had virtually no rain and all the days were sunny. Our air bookings and train bookings were also on the dot. The Alaska Seaplanes flight to Gustavus was one of the most scenic while our experience of dome train was absolutely outstanding! In terms of cruises, it is hard to choose as we liked all of them. The Major Marine tour boat was of a very high quality while in the glacier bay cruise in Gustavus, we got to see a whole lot of wild life (10 bears incl cubs, whales and almost everything that is possible). We enjoyed Kenai Fjords a lot but even the Prince Williams Sound cruise was also very enjoyable! Including Juneau and Gustavus in the itinerary was a good idea as we really liked both the places. This region is so picturesque and serene!
Our experience of Chinitna bear viewing was decent. The flight was very scenic and we got to see great landscape and some of the active volcanoes from the flight. However, the bear viewing was limited here (still early for the season, I guess). While we did get to see around 6 bears here, these were all from a distance except one. We actually saw many more during our cruises and in Denali – hence the Chinitna bear viewing got overshadowed by our success elsewhere. No complaints though! I think, Denali as a tourist location was one of the best and I would highly recommend the dome train to everyone who comes to Alaska! We got some wonderful views of Mount Denali from almost everywhere including from the train and on multiple occasions. Personally, I also liked Girdwood/Seward a lot including the very scenic drive along the Turnagain arm.
I would also like to mention about Elliot who transferred us from Talkeetna to Denali (private car transfer) – he was dot on time and very helpful – he stopped at some key locations and made us see Mount Denali en route. Our car hire at both the places also worked flawlessly.
Marjy, I would really thank you for planning our vacation so well and executing it to perfection. We were able to achieve what we had desired and more. You are a great tour advisor and I would recommend Alaska to my friends in India. I shall be sharing your name and e mail ID with my friends soon so that they can approach you as and when any of them plans a vacation!
N. J. Family

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